Your shampoo is completely AMAZING. I absolutely love it! I first found it when my mum brought home a couple of samples and I loved them so much…they did wonders to my hair that no other shampoo had ever done before. I then searched everywhere for your shampoo and couldnt find it ANYWHERE,I was so disappointed. Then a year later I strolled into my local natural food store, and there it was…I bought a huge bottle and I still love it as much as I loved the magical samples I found so many months ago. I love that your products are ALL natural and that it\’s Australian made, it makes me feel like I’m contributing to the environment as well as contributing to my health 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH GYPSY ROSE I will continue using you forever. I am also so excited because my mum bought me the face wash today so I’m excited to use it! How can a bottle of liquid turn your hair into a soft fragrant dream..

I mean when its wet it feels really dry, but when it dries..HEAVEN