I have suffered from psoraisis for many years and have tried many,many different shampoos which were sold as treatments. Nothing worked. It took a few weeks for my scalp to get the full benefit from the Rosemary 2-in-1 shampoo but now it is great for both my hair and scalp. I don’t need to wash every day to stop the itching and love the fact that the 1st time in my life I don’t need conditioner. I ran out of the shampoo for a week and had to return to an old shampoo that previously was the least irritating but found it left my head itchy and I could feel the buildup.None of the tingling freshness I feel after shampooing with the 2-in-1 shampoo.

 I also use the face cleanser and find it also great.East to use,easy to take travelling. I don’t have to use moisturiser most times but do choose to use Rosehip oil most days and blockout when I go out. I’ve just started my 2 daughters on the face cleansor because it is so gentle.