I use the whole range”Gypsy Rose”- and love it all-really enjoying the new product ” All Rounder Body Top to toe” and look forward to more new  multipurpose products.The shampoo is great for my scalp and gives my fine hair so much body-I only need to wash 2 times a week and sometimes cheat and only do once a week and still surprisingly I am not irritated too much-though I do need to do 3 shampoos in the same wash if I leave it for a week-I suspect it needs this to remove excess dirt,sweat and oils as it takes the 3rd time to lather.The Hairspray lasts forever and is a quick way of looking like you have done alot & brushes out easy the next day and I just re-apply all over again without need to wash out a sticky product.

The new product ” All Rounder Body Top to toe” has amazingly fixed my feet problems-cracked,dry,tough,and just so rough-I do it once at night and include the pumicestone instructions as being in the country I hardly ever wear shoes only thongs.Also use it as a healer for any rashes or dry spots

 The ‘clay’ soap’is brillant for when I’m pimply-I tend to use both the ‘almond’ and ‘clay’,the clay I put on the pimple and ‘almond everywhere else-I find if I need moisturiser at all in dry times I use the ‘Rosehip oil’ Gypsy Rose’ brand as it absorbs without shine compared to other brands and have realised over trialing others that any ‘Rosehip’ that is WHITE IS NOT AS NATURAL AS THE OIL VERSION-love the scent of the ‘rose’ essential oil.

 Thank you so much for such a wonderful range-P.S my husband says to tell you he loves the way I smell ‘Lovely oil’….