I discovered Gypsy Rose 2 in 1 Lavender shampoo via a hair appointment with Karen Ellis of Scissorcraft April 2000. It turned out to be the most important appointment of my life. The impact this Gypsy Rose product has had on our lives must be commended, as it has changed our family forever. In particular my 7 year old daughter Ioni who suffers from chronic excema, suffering this condition since she was 7 weeks old, I was unable to find anything to use on Ioni without causing bad or disturbing results to her skin and head i.e. bleeding ears, fingers, knees, ankles, elbows and sores the size of 20 cent pieces on her head from using commercial shampoos. The cracks behind her ears and finger joints were so deep we thought those sombs could possibly fall off. Steroid cream gave hourly temporary relief and has long term side effects, so money was no issue when it came to find that perfect relief or possible cure. It has now been 20 months Ioni has been using this product and I couldn’t be happier. Lavender Shampoo has only got better and better over time, not only does it clean Ioni’s hair beautiful but there has been NO cracks or sores on her head, fingers or ears since..