Sand, Salt & Sea

Sand, salt and sea! Sums up the perfect Sunshine Coast to many of us locals and travellers afar. The feeling of sun kissed skin, salty hair, and a thirst to be quenched, makes the perfect experience. A very familiar scene to us coastal dwellers. Another familiarity is trying to tame our manes as our hair gets sun damaged, dry and ratty from all of those welcomed beach days.

This is something that our Kunara Health Collective team is very accustomed to, particularly, owner and founder of Lush Organic Hair and Spa, Nanette Barter.

“It is definitely a common thing that we see in summer. Luckily, there are so many natural and hassle free ways that you can care for your hair to prevent a lot of the damage occurring in the first place” Nanette says.

“Treatments are our number one tip. It adds some much needed moisture into your hair. We recommend using natural oils. When applying any hair treatment you need to focus on the ends of the hair as this is where most of the dryness occurs. Some popular oils that you can use are coconut oil or avocado oil. We have also just introduced an SPF 30 sun oil for hair and skin that is a great preventative measure and treatment. It is just as wonderful for men’s hair as it is for women’s.”

Treatments are our number one tip. It adds some much needed moisture into your hair.

Another hair care guru that is a well-known familiar face at Kunara is Karen Ellis owner of Gypsy Rose Hair and Body products. Her credentials as a multi-national award winning hairdresser enriches her free consults at Kunara. When it comes to caring for your hair regardless of what state it is in, Karen can offer the best advice to help fix it. Her products are unique, environmentally friendly, proven 100% biodegradable and would you believe it, also has kombucha in it.

Karen shares with us her top five tips to care for your hair this summer:

1. Do your own DIY full scalp and hair treatment once a month to help maintain condition.

2. Use a ‘multi use’ leave-in conditioner on fly away hair and on summer days when you are swimming and exposed to the elements.

3. Have your hair trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks to prevent excess splitting on the ends, following up with a Gypsy Rose full treatment at home (leave for a minimum of 3 hours and maximum overnight)

4. When your hair is wet after shampooing, add some leave-in conditioner and brush your hair using a wide tooth comb. This prevents the ends snapping off.

5. Always use a wide tooth comb for tangles, starting from the bottom and working your way up to help avoid more breakage.

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