Intuition Guidance Cards

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A powerful tool to help you find, trust and follow your intuition, the Intuition Guidance Cards work on a subtle level, stirring you to look deeper at a situation with which you have challenges, sharpening your intuition to see beyond the surface.

They help you to find and trust your own intuition.  Usually when you read a message from one of the Goddesses, your first thought will be correct (the one we usually dismiss as soon as it comes into our head!) and you will straight away know what it’s referring to.

What’s included:

  • Each Intuition Guidance Card deck of 24 cards includes a leaflet explaining how to use the cards but there really are no right or wrong ways to use them. Use the cards however you are intuitively drawn to do so and trust in yourself that you are being guided in their use.

We often discount it or don’t trust what we’re given. Or we’re not ready to face that truth. It can happen that you may not ‘get’ a message or any inspiration from a message immediately. That’s ok, just let it percolate. Often it will come to you a day or two later. The benefit of the cards will be to give you greater clarity, insight and guidance with any given situation.

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