ANIMAL PRODUCT: Lavender Pet Conditioner

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**Extra dry, thicker & coarse pet hair & fur**

Not your pet’s type?? Instead try our Rosemary Multi-Use Conditioner for normal, dry and/or slightly flyaway!

Does your pet have a skin or coat issue ?

  • Multi-use pet product that is light leaving a non oily look.
  • Pet Leave-in conditioner & styling aid for wet or dry hair & fur
  • Perfect pet skin treatment product.
  • Suitable for all animals skin and coats (contains gluten)

If you’re not doing a pet hair treatment, there’s one very good reason why you should – it makes your pets coat more manageable. In addition it will help cleanse the skin and nourish your pets hair/furĀ  through all seasons. But the Gypsy Rose Lavender Multi-Use Conditioner does more! This pet product for wet and dry hair/fur will not only give your pet a soft, shiny manageable coat, but will control fly away hair/fur and also aid with common hair and fur issues.

Cosmetic Animal Product

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