Welcome to Gypsy Rose Australia

Exotic by name and pure by nature, our un-tainted products are basic, simple and pure. Our unique multi-purpose, handmade range of hair and body products do not contain:

  • Synthetic/Chemical Emulsifiers
  • Any Sulphates or Glycols
  • Parabans (propyl, butyl or methyl)

But they are guaranteed to soothe, regenerate and revitalise your body.

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100% Bio-degradable (A/S4351.5)

Gypsy Rose is 100% Australian owned. Using raw Australian ingredients~GMO free cold pressed oils, 100% essential oils, fruits, vinegars, teas & filtered rainwater, they enjoy a long shelf life & never tested on animals.

Reduce~Reuse~1oo % Recyclable

Gypsy  Rose ‘back to basic’ products are  pure, extremely long lasting & super concentrated. Buy bulk & decant into our low waste 200ml, packaging is 1oo% recyclable & BPA free.

Multi-use, pH balanced Products

  Gypsy Rose is skin beneficial & Gluten free (except Conditioners). Especially revelant, its unique interactive multi-uses means you enjoy a less wasteful bathroom & lighter recyclable plastic bin.

Fermented & Handmade by an Expert

For 25 years, Gypsy Rose has been formulated & tested by Karen Ellis. An international multi-award winning hairdresser, hair colour specialist, cutting technician & aromatherapist.