Welcome to Gypsy Rose Australia

Exotic by name and pure by nature, our un-tainted products are basic, simple and pure. Our unique multi-purpose, handmade range of hair and body products do not contain:

  • Synthetic/Chemical Emulsifiers
  • Any Sulphates or Glycols
  • Parabans (propyl, butyl or methyl)

But they are guaranteed to soothe, regenerate and revitalise your body.

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Handmade in Australia

Gypsy Rose is 100% Australia owned, and they have a long shelf life. In addition they are  handmade using raw Australian ingredients including cold pressed oils, 100% essential oils, fruits, vinegars, teas and filtered rainwater.

100% Bio-degradable (A/S4351.5)

Furthermore Gypsy Rose products are Earth Friendly. The products are super concentrated (meaning you use less) and are also packaged in recyclable packaging. Most of all Gypsy Rose will never test on animals.

Multi-purpose Products

In addition Gypsy Rose products have been designed to be basic, simple, pure.  Especially revelant is its both a naturally derived range and  multi-use – therefore keeping your life and shopping list simple. 

Formulated by an Expert

Most noteworthy, Gypsy Rose products are formulated and tested by Karen Ellis, a international multi-award winning hairdresser.  Furthermore she is also a hair colour specialist, hair cutting technician and accredited aromatherapist.