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This article originally appeared in Holistic Bliss Magazine by Vanessa Finnigan. See the full issue here.

Karen Ellis, the founder  of well-known ‘Gypsy Rose Australia’, is not just a gypsy at heart, she is a passionate woman on a mission to educate the public about the science of high quality, ethical hair care.

With a multi award winning professional background as a sought after hairdresser, Karen realised that the harsh chemicals from dyes and products she was using on clients every day, was having an effect on her health and potentially others. She experienced a serious illness and painful skin conditions caused from the over exposure to hair dyes, perming solutions, and high pH  shampoos & synthetic conditioners. → Read more

See original article here: Kunara One Magazine Autumn Edition 2019

One of Kunara’s longest standing suppliers, Gypsy Rose is the creation of environmentally-conscious Australian Hairdresser, Karen Ellis. An international multi-award winning hairdresser and aromatherapist, Karen has been formulating and testing Gypsy Rose products for 25 years. Karen’s passion for environmental preservation and chemical-free ingredients empowered her to create a unique range on untainted hair and body products. Karen has personally experienced serious illness and painful skin conditions, which she feels were caused from overexposure to synthetic hairdressing products, containing strong chemicals. → Read more

Sand, salt and sea! Sums up the perfect Sunshine Coast to many of us locals and travellers afar. The feeling of sun kissed skin, salty hair, and a thirst to be quenched, makes the perfect experience. A very familiar scene to us coastal dwellers. Another familiarity is trying to tame our manes as our hair gets sun damaged, dry and ratty from all of those welcomed beach days.

This is something that our Kunara Health Collective team is very accustomed to, particularly, owner and founder of Lush Organic Hair and Spa, Nanette Barter. → Read more

In 1996 Harald Tietze published his book, Kombucha: The Miracle Fungus, (available on ebay) and it mentions Gypsy Rose’s products… here’s an extract of the book.

A hairdresser from Queensland had so many good reports from clients using Kombucha that they developed a special Kombucha Shampoo. “Normally, hair conditioner is applied after shampooing, but when using Kombucha shampoo, the hair is silky and soft without conditioner,” said Karen from the Herbacraft Gypsy Rose Hairdressers (with 18 national and international hairdressing awards to their credit). She wrote me a letter with comments from some of her clients. → Read more

I have received responses from all of the companies listed below confirming they are cruelty free; no animal testing of any ingredients or products by the company, parent company or a third party. Vegan product information outlined below, all other products may contain animal ingredients such as: animal hair brushes, beeswax, honey, propolis, lanolin, milk derivatives, animal derived collagen/elastin, carmine, shellac, tallow etc. → Read more

Who would like to clean up their act in the bathroom? Yes… you… with the hand up in the air waving excitedly at me. Good on you for wanting to be a clean, green, gorgeous gal or guy. In an effort to cut back on the amount of waste coming out of my bathroom I went on a quest to find a effective face wash option that works and doesn’t cost the Earth. My quest lead me to the HerbaCraft Gypsy Rose Pawpaw, Carrot, and Orange Dry Skin Face Soap which at a small instalment of $15.75 AUD has been one of the best eco investments to date. The facial soap comes in a cardboard carton and the soap itself is wrapped in plastic. This may seem a bit dicey and un-environmental but the longevity of the product is MIND-BLOWING. I purchased this bar around 8 months ago and have chopped wedges of it off as needed and kept the rest wrapped. → Read more