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The Creation of Gypsy Rose Australia

Karen Ellis Gypsy Rose AustraliaThe brainchild of one of the first salons to import ammonia-free perms & hair colours was environmentally-conscious Australian Hairdresser, Karen Ellis.  Initially, she developed and produced the “Gypsy Rose Australia” range of un-tainted hair and body products in the pristine mountain ranges north of Brisbane.

Karen personally experienced a bout of serious illnesses as a young adult, unable to conceive a child her business became her baby. She also as an apprentice hairdresser had bouts of painful skin conditions caused by overexposure to nasty chemicals in hair dyes/bleaches, perming solutions, and synthetic shampoos/ conditioners.  As a result, she developed the Gypsy Rose range for her salon’s 400-plus clients & her own personal use. She soon realised that her reaction to the harsh hairdressing chemicals was also not uncommon in the general public.

Hence a large and growing market was crying out for pure hair care products that were effective, did what they said, yet were gentle on the skin, hair, and scalp.

And so, finally, Gypsy Rose was born.

Gypsy Rose Timeline


  • 1993 – A Mobile Hairdressing business is started by Karen across 2 QLD shires (Caboolture & Caloundra). Also specialising in natural hair services and supplying pure un-tainted products on a small scale, with paper labels and 100% recyclable bottles.
  • 1993-96 – Demand for the Gypsy Rose range grows as the mobile hairdressing business takes off.  Consequently, over 200 clients start telling their friends about the unique product range. A pioneer of their times.
  • 1996 – The Scissormagik Salon in Wamuran was opened and was soon booked out 4 months in advance, therefore training apprentices begins in her salon.  While the word spread, she was approached to take Gypsy Rose’s first orders from the well-known Bullivant chain ‘Natural Alternative Health’ stores in QLD.
  • 1997-2000 – As the sole distributor nationwide, Scissorcraft has grown the Gypsy Rose distribution to over 60 outlets purely by word of mouth.
  • 2002-2003 – The Queensland Supermarket of the Year Awards recognises the Gypsy Rose 2-in-1 Shampoo as a finalist in the non-food category.  Also winning a special one-off encouragement award and a supermarket opportunity.
  • 2004 – Finally the “Isle of Eire Pty Ltd” Australian organization (‘Eire’ is Gaelic for Ireland) was conceived fusing “Scissorcraft” (manufactures) and ‘Scissormagik’ (new salon name).
  • 2006 –  Sole director Karen sold the salon ‘Scissormagik” to a former staff member ( Jodie P: 5496 6777) and keeps on running “Scissorcraft” the first formulators of the Gypsy Rose range.
  • 2007 –  Professionally Karen’s time is now solely devoted to product development and promotion. Stay tuned for future product releases such as “Un-Tainted Gypsy Rose” cleaning products and the very soon addition of famous all Plant Hair Colours!
  • 2009 – Gypsy Rose goes international with export agreements to New Zealand, also recurrent postal orders all over the globe.
  • 2010 – Work gets underway to convert the already council-approved factory to fully solar-powered off the grid. Keeping the ingredients energised naturally!
  • 2015 – Especially relevant  Gypsy Rose cracks the Chinese market with Australian business Ganbei Global.  Currently distributing orders online in Chinese, throughout the China region.
  • 2016 – 2019 Ganbei Global also takes Gypsy Rose products to India for a trial, as a result now becoming an option to distribute there. Check this website: www.ganbeiglobal.com
  •  2019 – March – NEW! Fight the War on Waste, 1 Litre 2 in 1 shampoo, Kombucha  Shampoo Bar for Body & PET Range!
  • 2019 – Sept –  Verified by Palm Oil Store Certifier that we are a Palm Oil Free Hair and Body range, along with 3 Facial Soap mixtures having RSPO IP Certification (from 1 disclosed farm address), not illusive segregated RSPO SEG Certification (sourced from numerous farms with undisclosed addresses)
  • 2021 Feb …Release of 5 Gypsy Rose pure vegan, henna hair colours with professional instructions and a grey hair colour chart to give you the ability to do your own consultation with ease. Plus we now have finally got around to getting our Australian-made logo approval
  • 2021…our new integrated New Zealand website, distribution direct from within Nz to save on postage for all the Gypsy Rose NZ fans Click here Gypsy Rose New Zealand

Karen tours in-store for new and current outlets during promotional days. Furthermore, details can be seen in show times tab.

Gypsy Rose Australia: A Social & Environmentally Conscious Company

*Reduce – Concentrated long lasting *Reuse – Buy bulk, decant into re-usable 200ml *Recycle – 100% Australian recyclable bottles/packaging. Taking a holistic and low-waste approach to business is an important part of the culture of Gypsy Rose Australia. Especially relevant, the solar-powered factory is also healthy for the environment.  The products are not only free of all synthetic chemical emulsifiers and preservatives, but also all parabens including propyls, methyls, butyls (also propyl alcohol), all sulfates, and coco betaine.

NEW! Fight the war on Waste, 1 Litre 2 in 1 shampoo, Kombucha  Shampoo Bar for Body & PET Range!

A passionate supporter of the old-growth forests, hence Karen is driving herself and her company to aim to be a key advocate for the preservation of these key environmental areas. What comes around goes around is her key motto.

The Fine Print

All Gypsy Rose Australia Products are:

  • 100% proven bio-degradable (A/S4351.5) – the products break down into the earth, leaving NO residue.
  • Handmade from cold-pressed oils and 100% essential oils, fruits, vinegar, teas, and filtered rainwater – we focus on putting the value inside the bottle, not in flash packaging.
  • Completely handmade in Australia from predominately Australian and (only where necessary) imported ingredients. All Australian Pet 100% recyclable bottles and lids
  • Multi-Purpose products with naturally derived ingredients tried and tested over 25 years. Still has the cleanest ingredient list.
  • Not 1 Gypsy Rose product is tested on animals. Visit Rabbit Recommends for more information
  • All Gypsy Rose products are GMO-free.
  •  All are Gluten-Free products except Leave in Conditioners.
  • Verified Palm Oil Free Hair and Body range, along with 3 Facial Soap mixtures having RSPO IP Certification (from 1 disclosed farm address),
  • All Vegan certified  products except our Almond, Honey & Cinnamon Facial soap mixture & Gypsy Rose Hairspray
  • The products have a long shelf life using naturally derived preservatives. (Lids must be kept on the product)
  •  In addition, are super concentrated with registered trademarks and detailed product instructions.
  • Product leaflet must be read containing detailed instructions, as our naturally-derived products need to be used correctly to achieve the best results.
  • NOTE: If you experience any discomfort, please discontinue use and contact us immediately. Our product range is not to be taken by mouth.
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