Say goodbye to itchy dry scalps!

This article originally appeared in Holistic Bliss Magazine by Vanessa Finnigan. See the full issue here.

Karen Ellis, the founder  of well-known ‘Gypsy Rose Australia’, is not just a gypsy at heart, she is a passionate woman on a mission to educate the public about the science of high quality, ethical hair care.

With a multi award winning professional background as a sought after hairdresser, Karen realised that the harsh chemicals from dyes and products she was using on clients every day, was having an effect on her health and potentially others. She experienced a serious illness and painful skin conditions caused from the over exposure to hair dyes, perming solutions, and high pH  shampoos & synthetic conditioners.

As a result, Karen pioneered the first chemical free hair salon in 1996 “Scissorcraft Salon in Wamuran” and her services and knowledge were so in demand, she was booked out for four months at a time!

It was only natural she went on to develop the Multi Use, 100 % Bio Degradable (AS 4351.5) ‘Gypsy Rose’ range for her own personal use whilst  assisting the community. Her story from humble beginnings, resonated with many other people who were on the lookout for truly natural options for their hair and scalp.

In fact, taking an holistic, eco, low waste, un-tainted  approach to business in her 100% solar powered factory was always an important part of the Gypsy Rose Australia ethos.  Free of all synthetics, chemical emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens ( propyls, methyls, butyls) all sulfates and coco betaine.

We hear so much in the news these days about gut health and the benefits of fermenting, but Karen has been fermenting for decades. Her famous ‘2 in 1 shampoo’ is made of Kombucha Cultute, Apple Cider Vinegar and many other soothing ingredients that help to balance the ph of the hair and scalp (uniquely  her shampoo is applied directly to the head, not consumed orally like a kombucha drink). She often hears that  so many well-known ‘healthy’ hair products leave people’s scalps dry because they don’t aid the pH balance.  Did you know kombucha may assist with skin conditions and also help to reverse grey hairs ? This is because kombucha has properties that kill off aging cells and this causes the hair follicles to grow and develop fresh cells again, reducing signs of aging. Although they may seem totally unconnected, this may actually help to reduce hair loss, since there is a link between alopecia and the gut.

This month Karen is launching her Vegan Certified, Palm Oil & BPA Free ‘Fight the War on Waste NEW lines…Famous Premium shampoo in 1 Litre – in Lavender & Rosemary! , pH balanced Kombucha Shampoo & Body Bar and her tried /tested Animal Care range.


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