A touch of magic crafted with Mother Nature

See original article here: Kunara One Magazine Autumn Edition 2019

One of Kunara’s longest standing suppliers, Gypsy Rose is the creation of environmentally-conscious Australian Hairdresser, Karen Ellis. An international multi-award winning hairdresser and aromatherapist, Karen has been formulating and testing Gypsy Rose products for 25 years. Karen’s passion for environmental preservation and chemical-free ingredients empowered her to create a unique range on untainted hair and body products. Karen has personally experienced serious illness and painful skin conditions, which she feels were caused from overexposure to synthetic hairdressing products, containing strong chemicals.

Motivated by her own experience and grasping an awareness that this was not an uncommon occurrence, Karen set out to develop a range of haircare products that were effective but also gentle on the skin, hair and scalp.

A social and sustainably driven company, the production of Gypsy Rose takes a holistic and low waste approach. The products are not only free of all synthetic chemical emulsifiers and preservatives (leaving no environmental footprint from by-products) they are also cruelty-free and manufactured in a solar powered factory. Gypsy Rose is 100% Australian owned and uses raw Australian ingredients, which include GMO-free cold pressed oils, 100% essential oils, fruits, vinegars, teas and filtered rainwater. Most Gypsy Rose products are multi-purpose and pH balanced with a minimum of two uses per product.

From an all-in-one facial soap that cleanses, tones and moisturises, a body wash that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises, two a 2-in-1 shampoo with kombucha cultures. Gypsy Rose uses 100% recyclable BPA-free packaging and offers a bulk option for consumers who want to purchase larger volumes for decanting. With a belief system, in “what goes around comes around,” Karen has lead her company to encompass issues around environmental fragility by working towards the reduce, reuse and recycle affirmation.

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