Tried and Tested: Gypsy Rose Face Soap by Sustainability in Style

Who would like to clean up their act in the bathroom? Yes… you… with the hand up in the air waving excitedly at me. Good on you for wanting to be a clean, green, gorgeous gal or guy. In an effort to cut back on the amount of waste coming out of my bathroom I went on a quest to find a effective face wash option that works and doesn’t cost the Earth. My quest lead me to the HerbaCraft Gypsy Rose Pawpaw, Carrot, and Orange Dry Skin Face Soap which at a small instalment of $15.75 AUD has been one of the best eco investments to date. The facial soap comes in a cardboard carton and the soap itself is wrapped in plastic. This may seem a bit dicey and un-environmental but the longevity of the product is MIND-BLOWING. I purchased this bar around 8 months ago and have chopped wedges of it off as needed and kept the rest wrapped.

At the rate I’m going to be set for face soap for the next three years (as long as I keep it well wrapped and it doesn’t go off). I know what your thinking… Ewww….soap for your face. This is what I thought when I purchased it as I am usually a cream cleanser kinda gal. However the product is quite creamy and as long as you follow the instructions and don’t rub it all over your face for too long and it doesn’t seem to dry my skin out in the slightest. It also removes my mineral makeup and/or plant nursery dirt and grime with ease. Karen, maker of Gypsy Rose products suggests that there is no need for moisturiser but I personally prefer to use one and/or some rose hip oil in the evening. –

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Article written by: Katie Roberts Sustainability in Style
Published: 16/7/15

Katie Roberts is a self confessed ‘write-a-holic’ Environmental Scientist with a passion for Sustainable Fashion. Prior to her current career as a plant science research technician and a Master of Environment student majoring in Sustainability Education and Sustainable Business, she studied and worked in the Fashion Industry across a range of positions. Her passion for the social and environmental reformation of the fashion industry is fierce and she believes that consumers hold the power to create change. To date her online Sustainability in Style blogging adventure has seen her take a one year self imposed hiatus from shopping for fashion in her ‘Wardrobe Workout’, a month collecting her garbage in the ‘Waste Weigh Up’, and a Christmas spent contemplating consumerism. She welcomes you to join in the discussion on all things sustainability and style related. – See more at:

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