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Karen Ellis Lavender 2 in 1 Pet Shampoo

Thank you Robbie and Pebbles, its so good to get feedback on our Pet shampoo, great that its so simply and they love it tooooo!🐶

R Koppen Lavender 2 in 1 Pet Shampoo

This product is so good. We have been using it on Pebbles since she was a puppy 🐶 and her coat always looks good, she’s now two. We have just got another little fella and also wash him with it. It’s so easy just wet them up, apply directly on to the dog and massage through and wash out taking all the dirt with it. Such a good natural product. Highly recommend Gypsy Rose Pet shampoo.

Karen Ellis Kombucha Shampoo Bar for Hair, Face & Body

Thank you Diane for your review, being a new product, it really helps my confidence in keeping up the production...I agree its simply amaxingly creamy, really hard to explain untilyou've used it and palm oil FREEEEEE soap/bar..WHOOOHOO...thanks once again for your support and feedback, means the world to me

diane petrovic Kombucha Shampoo Bar for Hair, Face & Body

Well Karen has out done herself absolutely love this new product. It is so soft and moisturising my husband and I have one each and we are using the soap from the top of our head to our feet. Our hair and skin is more which moisturised, the hair for my husband who has grey hair not dry and is very shiny.I thought was impossible to improve on what we were using before and as a soap which I would never use has has such great properties that I now cannot go without it. So simple and quick to use and extremely moisturising. Thank you Karen for being the most beautiful person I think on this entire planet

Zahirah Rosemary 2-in-1 Shampoo

Best find after years of buying and throwing away near new bottles of shampoo, due to skin sensitivity and frustrations with scalp itchiness

Karen Ellis Hairspray

Many thanks for your comment Anna, its truly the most natural styling aid around, its a pleasure to make toooo!🥀😃

Anna Hairspray

Love this spray to detangle my daughter’s hair. It doesn’t leave any heavy build up at all like some other products I have tried and smells lovely

Louise Hairspray

Im a huge fan of this multi use styling aid for many many years, no sticky heavy bulid up the nx day on my long hair ! I love using it after shampooing, towel dry ,comb out, liberally spray everywhere, restyle into place , let it dry naturally, then tip my head upside down, comb roots and scrunch my midlengths. ! WULLAH looks like Ive been to the hairdresser. Then I use it as a testuriser daily until I wash again. Tying and winding it up of a night and letting it out nx day is brilllant for soft bang curls that hold all short BRILLANT VERSATILE SAFE PURE STYLING AID ?

Robert Koppen All Rounder Body Top To Toe

This a great product for helping with dry hands and also used on any part of the body. A little bit goes a long way.

Robert Koppen Rosemary 2-in-1 Shampoo

I love this shampoo, I have been using it for years. Long lasting and so natural. Food for your hair.

hayley_smith Lovely Oil

I bought one as it’s the perfect gift for my friend as she’s into local/sustainable/natural products... I got into the spray a couple of years ago a girl i worked with always wore it... and asked her what/where she got it because I LOVED the scent. I took my bottle backpacking with me round the world.. was so amazing so also holds so many good memories for me. Shipping and customer service was AMAZING. First class Thanks heaps :)

diane petrovic Lavender Body Wash

I am in my 60's so have used so many products especially organic products but nothing comes close to gypsyrose products. I have very sensitive dry skin and cannot use anything other then gypsyrose body wash. I do not suffer with irritating, itchy dry tight skin after the shower since using gypsyrose products. The beautiful smell floats through the house leaving a fresh clean smell that chemical infused products cannot do. The products last for a very long time so wastage on plastic container is kept at a minimum. I am allergic to the smells of other products that say they are organic or natural and yet I still have a reaction to the smell as I can smell some form of chemical. I know that by buying gypsyrose products because of Karens conscious efforts of solar powered site, environmental work ethics and products even down to reusing delivery packaging means that gypsyrose is doing the best for the environment and our bodies. Everybody goes on about plastic but to me using chemicals on humans in all forms from cleanser to perfumes etc is far more harmful then the plastic bottles gypsyrose uses in her products only as there is no other way to purchase her products. If you are looking for simple clean non chemical products that actually work then gypsyrose is the place for you to shop for you and the whole family.

Isabella Rosemary 2-in-1 Shampoo

The Rosemary Shampoo is so magical. The consistency is a shock at first, but is very easy to get used to and work out the application (don't be scared to try). My hair is very long and fine, this has helped nourish my dry ends, give volume, and has helped with hair loss, due to the magical ingredient of rosemary oil.

Colleen Rosemary 2-in-1 Shampoo

I love this shampoo, my hair has never felt cleaner and it is so easy to use. It just feels great to use something that has no toxic chemicals - I know exactly what I am using. Love the fragrance as well

Sandra Rosemary 2-in-1 Shampoo

Fabulous shampoo - my hair feels clean and healthy

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